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, Titian revealed both his appreciation of antiquity and his remarkable modernity.

During a sojourn in Rome he wrote that he was "learning from the marvelous ancient stones" that were being unearthed daily in the city.

Our Children’s Worker facilitates the Venus Juniors Group each Thursday evening 4-5pm for children of parents engaging with our Families at Risk Programme.

Referrals to this group should be made via support workers.

Veracruz Aquarium is 1.4 miles from Auto Hotel Venus, and Mexico Naval Museum is 2 miles away.

The nearest airport is General Heriberto Jara Airport, 3.7 miles from Auto Hotel Venus.

Investigators emphasized the study of the structure and composition of the atmosphere down to the surface, the nature and composition of the clouds, the radiation field and energy exchange in the lower atmosphere, and local information on the atmospheric circulation pattern.

A sister mission, Pioneer Venus Orbiter, placed an orbiting spacecraft around Venus 5 days before the Probes entered the atmosphere.

Power was provided by a solar array around the outside of the cylinder and batteries.

Attitude control and knowledge was provided by radial and aft thrusters and star sensors.

Le lancement de Venµs par Vega depuis le Centre spatial guyanais est confirmé au mardi 25 juillet par Arianespace. VENµS partira avec OPTSAT-3000, satellite fabriqué par Israël et destiné à la Défense italienne.

La mission VENµS (Vegetation and Environment monitoring on a New Microsatellite) observera des sites scientifiques en haute résolution spatiale et haute fréquence temporelle pour l’étude de la végétation.

Men naturally have an out of sight, out of mind mentality.

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