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It implies The most widely accepted sports dynasties are those with the majority of championships over a very long period of time, either consecutively and / or with interruptions, e.g.

5" (25000, 26000, 27000 Series) Myth-Busting the First Jazz Record (Victor 18255) - You’ll find the famous brands here — the Berliners, Edisons, Columbias, Victors, Zonophones, and the like — but also a fascinating array of long-forgotten (and now highly collectible) products, pictured in more than 280 professionally restored black-and-white ads, with informative captions.

, a fresh and unflinching look at the companies and individuals — black and white — who defied racial prejudice and entrenched business practices to make recordings for the long-overlooked African-American market.y debunks the old tales and explores the full spectrum of race records — from jazz, blues, and gospel to comedy and novelty numbers, mainstream pop, the classics, and even the occasional country-music offering.

This trend cuts across all major racial and ethnic groups but has been more pronounced among blacks.

Fully 36% of blacks ages 25 and older had never been married in 2012, up from 9% in 1960.

The median age at first marriage is now 27 for women and 29 for men, up from 20 for women and 23 for men in 1960.

In addition, shifting public attitudes, hard economic times and changing demographic patterns may all be contributing to the rising share of never-married adults.

In 1960, only about one-in-ten adults (9%) in that age range had never been married.

Men are more likely than women to have never been married (23% vs. And this gender gap has widened since 1960, when 10% of men ages 25 and older and 8% of women of the same age had never married.

Long Island Vinyl Exchange is the rebirth of the American record shop.

With over 250,000 records and titles available for viewing under one roof we are Long Islands largest record store.

Poz Match is an HIV Positive Owned HIV Dating and Social Community.

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