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Being to judgemental shows that you have no class so keep sayin sh*t and see how many emails you get off this site peacebrittxoxo oh and hey pandora haven't seen you post fer a bit who yah doin girly?

Anyways the next person who says big wemon are easy are gunna get a mayjor cyber slap cause that ain't no where close to what were all about.

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Most guys seem intimidated by a girl who is taller/bigger than them and can lift almost as much as they do without complaining.

Luckily I've found some guys who are around my height, though a little shorter, who don't mind that I can match them in some ways for lifting weight.

I have always wondered if this is because psychologically they know they will never marry the guy with a lot of money and/or status and the larger penis is the compensating factor.

One thing I've noticed that less attractive and fatter women are much more likely to put large penis size high up on their list of important male attributes.

And he'd better be willing to weather the sometimes piggish remarks from the "fat bigots" who feel like anyone who is overweight shouldn't be seen out in public. I am not obligated to be attracted to any particular type. Like was said, you have to find the ones who are willing to admit they are attracted to bigger girls and willing to be around you.

It might take a bit though, I was always bigger and I never started finding guys who actually liked me instead of looking at my size.* *By size I mean height, in fact I am 6'1 and though not fat I have a little extra padding.

Every time I was at Goddesses I would notice interracial couplings all over the dance floor.

One night I was sitting at the bar with Paige and Reese, when a stunning Italian looking guy with perfect teeth walked in.

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. I even told him, "Don't think I'm easier because I'm not a skinny baby." We met in a bookstore if that matters. I'm not with him out of gratitude that he would "do me". It may be his only chance to experience intimacy at all. And I don't want to offend anyone by using the word "easy", but you know what I mean.

The guy that started this post may be getting laid by skanky drunks. My taste in men and their behavior towards me, determines my partner. I've told him women would line up to pay him for certain skills. Whenever I go to clubs, fat women are the ones who usually approach you, and me and my friends have empirically confirmed that they are more than willing to end the night with you if they have the chance.

This, I would hope, would be an important component to attraction. he also forget's i'm only 5 ft, and every time we meet up after a few weeks apart he does a whole "you've shrunk" routine.

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