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This is about how to be a good amateur matchmaker and not a professional matchmaker... Many times matchmakers will not be rewarded or even acknowledged - nor should either be sought after. Bringing people together is a delicate task and one that carries much responsibility.

Matchmakers bring together the elements and sometimes there's a spark - a reaction. Magic happens when unexpected - otherwise it's not magic.

Yourself You can't love anyone who doesn't love themselves.

Some women simply can't take it if they give themselves praise.

Authors were invited to publish articles for free and to share knowledge with potential customers.

The article database was organized into an article directory that covered a wide variety of subjects.

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Articles Base was an article syndication website based in Ramat Gan, Israel.

In cities in the country’s interior, factories, hospitals and schools are closing while the men there are heading to eastern Ukraine to fight for an imaginary Russian world.

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