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Now General Hospital casting rumors are floating that All My Children’s Cameron Mathison may have nabbed the role of Hayden’s ex.

Since Hayden and Finn are both cured and ready to fall fully in love, of course GH has to put another obstacle in their way.

Hayden is still presumed a widow from the death of Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) but he wasn’t her first husband.

Later on May 1, 2014, Rebecca broke the news of expecting a baby with Micheal.

In fact, she revealed that she was already 5 months pregnant on ‘The Better Show’. There have been a couple of Facebook followers that have guessed that, but I had a lot of tests and things to do and I wanted to make sure it was all okay before I said, ‘I’m pregnant!

Budig's first acting job was in Aerosmith's music video "Livin' on the Edge".

In 1995, Budig auditioned for the role of Kelsey Jefferson on All My Children, but received an offer from Guiding Light, where she began her three-year stint as Michelle Bauer from (1995 to 1998).

There has been talk ever since Hayden woke from her coma after Nikolas had her shot that GH was creating a torrid backstory for her and it involved an ex-husband.

Some spoilers said he had done bad things to Hayden/Rachel, but it wasn’t clear if it was physical abuse or something else.“Like at the funeral, I didn’t want to have the same kind of tantrum.I tried to express Chelsea’s emotions a little bit differently.After nearly three years of shedding tears over Adam’s deaths, burials, rising from the dead and torturous funerals, Melissa Claire Egan is finally off the emotional merry-go-round. “Since it was Adam’s death, again, I did make a point to play it differently,” notes Egan. “But it’s a nice reprieve when you do have a break because crying all day, every day, can get quite exhausting.” Not to mention, challenging, when you have to find a new take on playing the same old, same old.Her life is what we normally call a perfectly balanced family life with her husband and daughter but she had her share of complication in her life before she met her husband.

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