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Sometimes this results in other annoyances, too, like reflows that send you to the incorrect scroll point in a given application.

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I'll also say that my anecdotal experience with battery life on both of these phones hasn't been great so far, so it's not like we're getting incredible off-charger time in exchange for enduring the background task guillotine.

You can expect our full review of the Note 5 and S6 edge (we're combining them because they really are basically the same phone) in the next couple of weeks.

Taking care of your own spiritual, emotional, and physical needs will instantly create a better sense of self.

People often spend so much time focusing on the needs of others that they forget to take care of themselves.

The miracle is that despite all these flaws, my confidence has never been higher.

When I was younger, handsomer, and fitter, my anxiety was crushing.

Basically, it's not pretty - when a Nexus 6 with less and slower RAM, a slower processor, and slower storage is easily pulling up background tasks more quickly and reliably than the substantially more powerful S6 edge , you know something weird is going on.

Given that both the S6 edge and Note 5 have a smaller battery than last year's Note 4 and Note Edge, this theory at least seems plausible, even if there's no direct evidence for it as of yet.

She utilizes the unique combined use of therapy, in-field date coaching, NLP and styling to help people with their confidence and dating life.

In order to achieve true connection, happiness, and intimacy with another person you must expose your vulnerabilities and shed the mask.

Saying “no” to others and “yes” to yourself at times is a valuable skill. What does he look like as he is crossing the finish line?

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