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Did you ever ask yourself – what is it that men are really looking for in a woman?Or, more precisely – what are looking for in a woman and who do they rally want to settle with and be in a long-term relationship?

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The site includes sections for those who are “frustrated,” “busy” and simply looking for “philosophy.” Social Clout: New e-book URL: Bragging Rights: Something for everyone As founder of e Flirt Expert and author of “Love @ First Click,” Laurie Davis is a fresh-faced online dating consultant who offers one-on-one services on everything from Facebook flirting to decoding your date’s text messages.

Founded in 2009, e Flirt Expert hawks services to meet everyone’s budget.

Creating her first online dating profile in 1994, Spira has a self-professed love affair with technology that has led her to be featured more than 500 times in the media, including ABC, CBS, NBC News and Woman’s Day.

Bragging Rights: Passion Coaching singles from “college-age to the large population of baby-boomers who are looking for a chance at true love,” Julie Spira is publisher and editor-in-chief at Cyber-Dating Expert.

Guy, you never know when you might run into that keeper - you know, the girl that you can’t live without, also known as Ms. Product shipped in plain paper and no one gets your name - ever.

Your dates can cost and up apiece, your divorce can cost ,000, ,000 or even more. Can you afford not to spend for the best advice on dating and relationships from the MALE PERSPECTIVE? We know .., you are presented with the poetry of love e-book e-mail tips, how to come back.. Books and the best confirmation of the date, or whether this is the reason.. These men and women have done all the legwork so users like you can get the best advice there is. That’s where our 10 Best Online Dating Experts come in.In my many conversations with some of the most interesting, attractive, and intelligent men, I heard over and over again that many of those desirable guys who dated dozens of women, eventually fell in love with the one who stood out from the rest being more feminine, elegant, intelligent, witty, and direct than almost everyone else they ever met.

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