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Going through a separation or divorce can be very difficult, no matter the reason for it.

It can turn your world upside down and make it hard to get through the work day and stay productive.

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Consider joining a support group where you can talk to others in similar situations. Don’t use alcohol, drugs or cigarettes as a way to cope; they only lead to more problems.

Isolating yourself can raise your stress levels, reduce your concentration, and get in the way of your work, relationships and overall health. Avoid power struggles and arguments with your spouse or former spouse.

In order to make a trial separation successful, a couple should agree to five key rules.1. The break should have a specific time attached to it so it doesn't just drag on without any conclusion.

The time should ideally be between three and six months so a sense of urgency and sincerity is retained, especially where children are involved.

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Many people are confused by the term "separated" -- and it's no wonder, given that there are four different kinds of separations.

However, it's important to know the differences, because the type of separation a couple chooses can impact property rights.

Separation between couples is often misunderstood due to the lack of guidelines and the ease with which it can be carried out.

It's fraught with many pitfalls if certain clear objectives aren't laid down or ultimately met.

In some states, living apart without intending to reunite changes the spouses' property rights.

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