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Always wear a new pair of shoes around the house, garden or office (if you're daring enough) before wearing them on a night out.

High heeled shoes can become very uncomfortable after a while, especially strappy ones, so make sure you won't be crippled at the end of the night by getting used to them first.

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Here are links to companies who sell hot high heel shoes, sexy stilettos, strappy sandals, kinky boots, 'f**k-me' pumps and other more sensible footwear!

All these retailers are tranny friendly (and will usually have stock in UK sizes up to 13, that's 15 in the US) so don't be afraid to have a look around if you are looking for large sized ladies shoes.

The way they spread their legs with pussies barely covered by thin fabric of panties and sheer nylon of their stockings or pantyhose, the way they pet themselves, the way they look into the cam almost begging you to come up and do them...

This 100% softcore site is the rare kind that can excite you damn well!

Trans-MISSION has launched its own on-line personal shopper for trannies, where you can buy high heel shoes and lots of other tranny goodies.

Fed up of scouring the web to track down sexy shoes, hot heels and beautiful boots (not to mention friendly flatties) that come in larger sizes (and by that we mean UK size 9 and over)? Just head on over to the Trans-MISSION tranny personal shopper and browse from an enormous range of sexy shoes in super sizes.

The problem comes later when you banish the pair to the back of the closet (alongside the other painful heels you just had to buy) after a day spent hobbling around on aching feet.

To end the vicious cycle, we scoured the market for investment-worthy heels that merge style with patented comfort technology, ensuring your every step is wince-free. We all know how hard it is to resist a cute pair of heels.

The amount of such injuries doubled from 2002 to 2012, according to the new research published in the The majority of injuries (more than 80 percent) involved sprains and strains to ankles and feet, although knees, shoulders, and even heads were also injured.

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