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And one man from East Anglia brought in a bright green bangle for valuation.

It was identified as jade and was worth an estimated £20,000-£30,000.

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There's around £60 million-worth of vintage jewellery lying around in British people's homes without them knowing it, according to auction house Bonhams.

It could have been handed down from previous generations, one of your signature party pieces or even in your child’s dressing up box, Bonhams says.

One lady brought in a 4.50 carat single-stone ruby ring which had been passed on by her grandmother.

After being sent away for testing, Bonhams discovered that it was an ultra-rare Burmese unheated stone, which sold for £134,500.

" This is closely followed by questions about age, value and proper care of the piece.

This short article is to help you begin to answer some of these questions.

Many unsigned pieces are just as beautiful, well-made and durable as signed jewelry, and they are far less expensive.

It's good to learn inexpensively when you start collecting. Many wonderful designer jewelry firms failed to sign their jewelry during different periods or different circumstances. In fact, many designers never signed their earliest pieces.

To be entered onto the National Register of Historic Places, for example, a building must be at least fifty years old.

Most jewelry book authors tend to consider anything dating before the 1930s as antique.

This is especially true for the novice collector or dealer that has not studied this type of jewelry extensively.

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