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The capturing of the data happens through HTML forms which let you create different types of input fields like textboxes, radio buttons etc. These forms get difficult to maintain or update if they are written directly in the HTML code.Drupal provides a very good way of defining forms directly in your PHP code, while the form generation is done by Drupal itself.In our case, we will check if $form_id == 'example_form' to attach the validate/submit only to example_form.

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Modifying a form in Drupal may be a little challenging sometimes, so here is a small tip for those working with form_alter or forms in general.

There is an optional form element called $form['#after_build'] it takes an array of functions to call (similar to $form['#submit']).

You can read more about at the link! Let’s start by creating a small module which will create a menu callback and then on that menu callback create a form using the With the above code you should be able to see your module in the available module list and should be able to enable it as shown below.

Let’s use hook_form_alter() to do this, so throw the following code into your custom module, making sure you have the Devel module installed first: .

The first one contains validation callbacks and the second one, you guessed it, the submit callbacks.

What this does is it runs after the form or element is built for display. The answer is most of the times when a modification to CCK fields should be done, this is to ensure that the entire form and all the other form alterations have already occurred from all modules.

Lets say you want to form_alter an attribute or value of a field in a form, but it is altered in another contributed module already.

In this article we are going to look at how we can alter a form and insert a custom function to get called when the form gets submitted.

In Drupal 7, one or multiple callback functions get called when the user presses the submit button, you know, to process it.

In the object oriented way, we need to have a class and a static method that will be called on validate/submit. * * @param array $form * @param \Drupal\Core\Form\Form State Interface $form_state */ public static function example_form_validate(&$form, Form State Interface $form_state) /** * Submit the example_form.

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