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Natural Friends was created in 1985 as the UK's first 'green' dating and friendship service.

By contrast, hardly any relationships that have existed for more than ten years had their genesis online: just 1% of Americans who have been in a committed relationship for more than ten years met their spouse or partner online.

Similarly, meeting online is more common among younger age groups.

This guide is a must-read for anyone dating a “green” person.

If you want to keep them till next Valentine’s Day, read on.

And what better place to practice that than at the cottage? “Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril” by Kathleen Dean Moore and Michael P.

Nelson If you need a break from a scientific or technological approach to environmentalism, Kathleen Dean Moore and Michael Nelson’s book fills in the ethical and moral arguments for charting a more sustainable path.

Online dating sites are just one of the ways that people can meet prospective partners online.

In this chapter, we examine the wider online landscape around dating and relationships, and the ways in which Americans are using the internet to meet and interact with potential, current, or past love interests.

Green dating in USA, United States, Canada, UK, United Kingdom, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, China, India, Australia and Malaysia.

Green singles, Vegetarians, Vegans who care about global warming, animal testing, etc!

This question was asked of everyone in a marriage or other long-term partnership, including many whose relationships were initiated well before meeting online was an option.

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