Ford commercial speed dating most used online dating software

While some of the men took the unexpected, autocross-like driving exhibition in stride, others didn't handle it so well. Another guy just sat silently with a look of anguish on his face.

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As the each date ended, the young woman would offer to drive the men home in her car.

To create a sense of vulnerability and to give each guy a chance to show off their machismo, the woman would act as if she were uncomfortable behind the wheel of the powerful sports car. One of the guys offers to take the wheel and show her "what this thing can do." Another instructed her on when to shift gears.

After chatting at a cafe, the couple take off in a new 2015 Ford Mustang and the woman lets the men know that she's not very experienced at driving a manual transmission.

Then, right when the first date banter reaches peak boredom, the driver dips off into an empty parking lot to take the dates for an unexpected thrill ride.

Not only does it show up some of the toe-curlingly lame lines used by “well-rounded” male “ninjas” when trying to impress dates, but it also shows off the upcoming Ford of course (otherwise the Blue Oval brand wouldn’t have paid out the six figure sum such a video is likely to have cost to make).

The hidden cameras roll as each man meets up separately with the same attractive, seemingly demure woman at a Dallas-area coffee shop under the auspices of a blind date.

The Mustang will also be pretty well equipped compared to its German rivals.

As standard it will have 19-inch wheels, a performance brake package, automatic HID xenon headlamps, LED tail lamps, and a rear diffuser.

One guy told her he's a "ninja." Whatever that means. Each of the men in the commercial appeared for the blind date as a means to try out for a dating reality show.

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