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It is extremely sad and limiting if your idea of christian dating is influenced by some man made christian dating rules or if you are merely looking for someone who call himself or herself a christian.

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Guide to christian dating

Do you need biblical guidance and other practical tips on how to have a sexually pure dating relationship?

Do you want to know what you can do to help your dating relationship avoid an unnecessary break up? This book has the answers to the above questions and many more!

Where better to find free christian dating advice than in the bible?

More powerful than any christian dating guide and tips, the bible is filled with much wisdom, able to transform you into the most attractive person from the inside out!

Dating in the Kingdom of God is a great handbook packed with practical biblical advice and helpful tips for developing dating relationships that are not only emotionally fulfilling, but at the same time God-honouring. The foundation for a healthy, Godly marriage begins while dating.” ~ Richard D.

Our challenge is to think biblically about an activity that isn’t in the bible…Our approach is to take the biblical principles of a healthy marriage and work backwards to a healthy dating relationship.

Phillips Do you have difficulty understanding what Christian dating is all about?

Do you ever wonder about what it takes to date successfully in God’s Kingdom and eventually marry the right person?

The one thing I fear most for many christian singles I meet today, is not only when they date an unbeliever, but it's also when they date somone who call themselves christians who have a form of godliness but lack the power thereof.

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