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The goal is to expand participation through collaboration ensuring long term sustainability.

In the mid 1990’s, Prince George’s County and participating municipalities entered into a Cable Franchise Agreement with Jones Communication of Maryland, Inc.

i Net’s team took the time to understand my business and build out custom Sugar modules.

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In 1998 Comcast completed the acquisition of Jones Communications thus assuming responsibility for completing the requirements as defined in the Franchise Agreement with Jones Communications.

The Comcast Cable Franchise Agreement (PDF) required construction of an I-Net infrastructure and connectivity to 174 sites.

Construction of the network began by the fourth quarter of 1999 and followed a fairly aggressive completion schedule.

Within two years of the starting date, 25 percent of construction was completed.

For your students, i Net Global offers a great perspective on the challenges and opportunities of a global age.

You can find out what other schools are doing to offer students a genuinely world-class learning experience and the chance to develop as global leaders, citizens and entrepreneurs.

Mi FID II functionality will be rolled out in the INET Mi FID II (M2) Test environment in a staged approach during 2017.

Because our view is that outstanding schools worldwide concentrate on one overriding goal: ensuring students can fulfill their potential in an increasingly complex world.

And for heads, there’s the opportunity to examine successful strategies being implemented by systems leaders from around the world as they tackle a range of educational challenges and reform agendas.

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