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Second, contact the service or content provider through which the bullying is occurring.

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Illinois adult chat rooms

Beginning in August 2001, Pleasant had several Internet contacts with defendant, who used the screen name “ARhino6575.”On August 9, 2001, Pleasant had an instant message conversation with defendant while using the screen name “Kristin15IL.” Kristin15IL's online profile stated that she was a 15-year-old female from Waukegan. Further, the court reasoned that courts could consider the constitutionality of the statute as applied to a married couple on a case-by-case basis and that any flaw in section 11-6 of the Code was not of substantial concern when viewed in the context of the statute as a whole.

Defendant began the conversation by asking whether she liked older guys.

UIAA Domains The UI Alumni Association has ultimate responsibility for the content of the following sites.

These domain names are administered by the UI Alumni Association and constitute what is hereafter referred to as “the UI Alumni Association website(s)” or “its site(s)”: • Main entrance to UI Alumni Association corporate website •,, Domains that act as campus entrances to the UI Alumni Association websites • Used periodically for the UI Alumni Association Census, or other uses as deemed necessary by the UI Alumni Association.

Wrong Planet is an online community for individuals, parents and professionals concerned about Asperger’s and those on the autism spectrum.

Wrong Planet provides a discussion forum, articles, blogs and other resources to promote communication and awareness.

• Main entrance to Illinois Connection website • Used periodically for the UI Alumni Association Census, or other uses as deemed necessary by the UI Alumni Association • Main entrance to the History and Traditions website • Used periodically for alumni insight community • Held for future use Alumni Email Accounts The UI Alumni Association no longer offers Web-based email accounts to all UI alumni and members of the UI Alumni Association.

The service was contracted through a third-party vendor, Mail2World, and the overall level of service offered was no longer competitive with other “free” email service providers that have emerged since this service originated in 1999.

As part of this mission, the UI Alumni Association acts as a steward of alumni records for the University of Illinois.

The UI Alumni Association website at its subdomains and related sites are used to communicate with alumni, inform alumni and the public, promote events and programs, offer services to alumni, and gather information about users.

These are among the most well-known organizations, but if you know of others that you find useful please let me know and I will post an updated list at some point in the near future.

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