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Again, the consequences are not often of a financial nature, but the victim is left feeling bruised and embarrassed at best.

The "Booty" songstress, 47, reunited with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, 48, over the weekend to celebrate their twins Max...

Khloé Kardashian is happier than ever now that she's dating NBA star Tristan Thompson! 14 taping of The Talk about her low-key, more domesticated life when...

But, it can be heart-breaking and mortifying to discover the person you thought you had fallen in love with is actually someone else, perhaps even of a different gender entirely.

As with the classic online fraud dating scams, the warning signs are similar.

"I'm not the guy who hits on women at [Disneyland], and there's no flag that says 'hey I'm single'," Tavres said.

"I found it hard to find women who were as interested in Disney as I am." He said the website was conceived because other online dating circles "don't have Disney questions." Just like on other dating platforms page, a series of biodata-like questions are asked.

Also, singles can look beyond the small pool of members on a traditional dating site.

Armed with these calling cards, members can hit on anyone.

Then, users can specify the type of relationships they are up to - from friendship, dating, marriage or even just a "park pal." Afterwhich, the real Disney tests comes in.

Users can make changes to their profiles to obtain the closest match possible.

Remember those notes you’d leave for a childhood crush you were too nervous to talk to? For instance, Cheek’d members receive a pack of cards scrawled with teasing phrases like “I’m going to make this easy for you.” Then, following the Web site and code printed on the card, the recipient can find out more about their secret admirer.

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