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But did they ever have to walk down Grafton Street behind a slow group of tourists?Sick of your dad telling you how brilliant everything was in the ’90s?If you’re familiar with any of the reality dating shows that are being parodied here, like , then the seamless job copying these programs should be abundantly clear.

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During the episode, Eric found himself in the hot seat, hoping to score a date with a hot coed competing for his love.

Of course, Eric lied about his educational background, saying he was attending Harvard and had a GPA of 7.0. Hardwick ends up semi-sabotaging Eric's chances by tricking him into ditching the "naughty" and "beer stein" girls. At the climax of the game show segment, Eric ends up with a cute Columbia University girl named Lisa (Bridget Flanery), who prefers waking up to a steaming hot cup of cocoa for two, instead of a steaming hot shower.

This claymation murder pit was shown on TV quite late at night, and for good reason.

Each episode would pit two celebrities against each other in a fight to the death.

This episode might be a fun excuse to do a ‘90s throwback, but it also acts as a reminder of why these guys have been friends for so long.

In spite of how much has changed since this episode of final season hasn’t pushed for too much pomp and circumstance.Later in the episode, the two go to Chubbie's (aka the local hot spot for the "BMW" gang).When people learn I work for MTV, the question that usually follows is, "Why don't they play music videos anymore?This was the 'Singled Out' crossover episode (with an oddly absent Jenny Mc Carthy who was way more identifiable with our show than I), one of the main premises being that Will Friedle and I look similar in that white guy sorta way.I tagged myself so you'd know which white guy is me." Much appreciated, Chris. But, Hardwick guest-star on the hit '90s show as himself, and it was a glorious episode indeed.

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