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FIRST DEGREE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE – Code of Alabama Section 13A-6-130 A person commits the crime of domestic violence in the first degree if the person commits the crime of assault in the first degree or aggravated stalking and the person has one of the special relationships listed above with the victim.

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South University will also provide any specific consumer information documents or reports upon request in writing.

To receive a copy, please send a written request to the Financial Aid Office directly and allow the staff twenty four hours to process your request and to send your requested information to you.

You could be charged with domestic violence in the first degree, second degree, third degree, by strangulation, by suffocation, or by interfering with a domestic violence emergency call.

You should talk to a lawyer that specializes in domestic violence before making any decisions about your case because it could be your freedom at stake.

If you are thinking about attending South University's Montgomery campus, go to our campus location page where you can learn about our campus.

If you are a current student, you can log onto the student portal.

At Skier & Associates we are available to discuss your case with you in person, offer legal advice from experienced attorneys, and represent you if your case goes to trial.

Domestic violence happens when the defendant and the victim have a special relationship and the defendant commits particular crimes against the victim.

The following positions are also not considered campus safety authority: clerical staff, bookstore staff, facilities or maintenance staff.

Campus Sexual Assault Victim Bill of Rights Important Definitions CONSENT (Section 13A-6-70) It is a violation of State law to commit a sexual act without the consent of the individual.

The new law represents a regulatory emphasis on specific categories of sexual abuse suffered by members of the college community. Policy Statement All individuals have the right to a safe campus environment free from threats of violence.

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