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Melee weapons are standardized based on size and whether they are bladed/blunted.-The Fort is integrated!

To be used without any sway pistols require 50, rifles require 65, automatics require 75, and scoped weapons require 100.

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Gameplay wise, FNV was a step up from FO3, but the atmosphere was nowhere near as good. Combat, weather, perks, loot, enemies, you name it. All vanilla NPCs have either been killed or changed beyond all recognition. DUST takes place 20 years after the events of New Vegas.

You will not be able to complete quests or join factions. As you explore you will slowly learn the story of DUST, but unlike vanilla Fallout, you are not the main character. With help from notes and keen observation, one may be able to learn of the exit. You DO NOT need to uninstall all of your mods to play DUST.

Browse files Categories New today New recently Latest files Top files Tag search Files of the month Files without tags Add a file Manage your files Manage files you have access to Tracking centre Download history -Whaaat? From the very first time I played Fallout: New Vegas, I was disappointed by the atmosphere of the Mojave. DUST completely overhauls nearly every aspect of the game to better represent an apocalyptic survival-horror atmosphere.

-^THIS IS (probably) DUST' S FINAL VERSION: STAY TUNED FOR DUST' S SUCCESSOR IN FALLOUT 4. DUST is a Post-Apocalyptic survival simulator with an emphasis on lore and story.

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