Speed dating world record coffee club

Hell, there’s a very good chance that you’ll end up speed dating a local celebrity at some point in the afternoon.

Future world-first events include a full profiling events nd super speed date where you meet 100 potential partners.

A total of 485 singles set a new speed-dating world record when they turned up at a dinner and dance at the Marina Bay Sands Saturday night.

But, this is what a ‘Tick’ on the List is all about…heading into the unknown, facing a fear (I was feeling quite confronted and nervous with the possibility of some men on the night, maybe not liking ‘having to sit and talk to a woman in a wheelchair, for their speed-date’)…doing something which Id been curious about for quite a while now. I arrived at the venue, waiting for my friend to turn up, giggling to myself ‘WHAT the hell am I DOING??

’ – as the venue wasnt set up for the Event yet, there were a few of us, standing, or slowly walking around, obviously checking each other out, waiting for the night to get started.

Where: Camps Bay Sports Field When: Friday 7 February 2014 What time: 14h00 Money: One blue buffalo.

On May 1, 2012, I headed, rather nervously, to the Coffee Club in Mooloolaba, for…I had NO idea what I was heading myself in for!

The official Guiness Book of World Records attempt for the worlds largest speed dating will be held by World Date in St Kilda at the end of June.

There will be over 100 eligible professional males and females all meeting each other and rotating during the marathon effort in a world first. The dramatic rise in popularity is a result of our hectic lifestyle with people working longer hours and traditional ways of meeting disappearing.

There is growing dissatisfaction with superficial bar scene and internet dating where many people waste time emailing for weeks to find that the person fails to resemble their photo or profile upon meeting face to face.

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