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Tagalog originated with the “Tagalog” people that are from the area of Manila and the surrounding region. Filipino is strongly related to Tagalog, yet is supposedly distinct in that it uses words from other languages in the Philippines as well as from Spanish and English.

Tagalog is one of the major languages spoken in the Philippines.I have friends that are native speakers of other languages there, but they also can converse well enough in Tagalog. I find all the major languages of the Philippines quite interesting. I’ve been living here for about 14 months and love it!I lived in Pampanga province for 1 year and found Tagalog to be VERY useful there. Luckily I could converse in Tagalog with anybody there (except very small children).Yet, because Filipino is the national language, and closely related to Tagalog, the Tagalog language is widely understood throughout the island nation.I chose to learn how to in order to talk with a wider range of people in the Philippines.That is also what is taught to students in the classroom.

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