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If you think you can't have a cup of coffee without a cigarette, don't switch to herbal tea because you'll be in trouble when you finally do have that cappuccino. Giving up smoking is not an event, it's a process, because the only way to set up new brain pathways is through repetition. The desire to smoke will be acute, but you will be prepared for it.

The more time you allow to elapse before you start retraining your brain, the more complacent you will have become - and the more vulnerable you will be to being ambushed by the mid-brain, which holds on to the association between smoking and these activities. At times, you may feel deprived, but those feelings will go away if you remind yourself, by using the sequence that you learnt yesterday, that you have a choice.

to acheive some of my goals and to be financially secure. Non smoker Go for coffee chat and see if we get on.

To be with a partner who I enjoy spending a lot of time with.

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It will be just as strong however long you leave it, so it's best to tackle it right away. If you associate smoking with concentrating on a piece of work, try doing that work now.

If you think you can't enjoy yourself without cigarettes, go to a party - but don't drink so much that you lose all inhibition. Of course, doing it just once will not be enough to erase the connections built up over many years.

There is only one thing i conform to, and that is non-conforming Politics: Poly- meaning many Ticks- meaning blood sucking parasites I hate serial killers.

So i am going to go and systematically kill them all, one by one.

I hear and i forget, I see and i remember, I do and i understand.

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