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Amcrest HDCVI technology transmits HD video over coaxial at a rate of 1080p @ 30fps, allowing for long-distance and cost-effective HD video transmission up to 984ft (300m).

The signal is transmitted uncompressed which eliminates latency and allows for real-time, highly reliable video security without loss or delay.

PPG is one of the leading global manufacturers of specialty chemical products used in the production of optical lenses.

With Tribrid type recorders, you’re getting the exact number of usable channels as is being advertised.

You can have three different camera types on a four channel Tribrid, but you’ll only have four usable channels in total.

With the develop of Tribrid, PPG has now delivered the first optical material that balances performance, thinness, and optical quality perfectly.

Cherry Optical, Inc believes that Tribrid will be an outstanding option for Independent eye care professionals that are looking to differentiate their material offerings and protect their price integrity.

Connect up to 8 cameras at once that you can control at the same time through the DVR’s On-Screen Display!

You can record HD 1080p video continuously for 15 days (360 hours) @ 30fps.Tribrid is a premium performance lens material that combines excellent optical quality (ABBE 41), lightweight (1.23 g/cm specific gravity), thinness (1.60 index of refraction) and strength (up to 5X more impact resistant than other high index lens materials).Tribrid also blocks 100% of harmful ultra-violet radiation.Another major difference is a little more difficult to explain if you’re not already familiar with Hybrid DVRs.Generally speaking, Hybrids are actually larger than they appear to be.Fueling of the alcohol was done during assembly of the motor, and the nitrous oxide was loaded remotely with the rocket on the launch rail, ready for launch.

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