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Tourette's disorder is a brain condition that starts in childhood. This urge can only be relieved by performing the tic.

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’, or when she interrupts Russell to vocalise ‘Taylor Swift In Your Mothers!

’ Her ‘ticks’ end up spawning some beautifully creative ideas.

In a heart-warmingly brilliant clip, Jess talks to the comedian about the syndrome and how it affects her life, putting a rather wonderful spin on it.

Many people might think that Tourette’s is where the sufferer shouts out the odd strange word, but with Jess she can shout out the most fantastic and random sentences.

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A doctor can diagnose Tourette's based on your child's medical history and symptoms.

The doctor may want to know if tics are causing school or social problems for your child. But in some cases an electroencephalogram (EEG), a CT scan, or blood tests may be done to check for other health problems.

Most people living with Tourette's Syndrome have the mild form of this neurological disorder which is characterized by tics.

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