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But if you're a true Trekkie (or Trekker, if that's your preference), try and send your inquiries and messages to prospective matches in Klingon via Bing Translator.Just say, "qapar Ha'qu'" (English translation: "I love you"), and you and your newfound other half could soon be your own Perrin-and-Sarek duo.To help your sweetie get excited all day long, slip these cute cards around the house or in their bag/car/desk.

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Trek dating

Likewise, Star Trek tells users to "set phasers to 'stunning'" and says the site is for those who want to meet their "Borg queen or Captain Kirk." This free site has thousands of members, each of whom can choose his or her own "clan." Trek asks prospective users: "Are you looking for that single Trekkie to make your life complete?

" This site is also free and lets users "scan for lifeforms" and send free "icebreaker" messages.

This adorable invite by Joanna at JAB Creative Australia has the iconic Starship Enterprise and the cutest space background ever.

Simply fill in the necessary data, present it to the one you love, and you are ready to go where no man – or woman;) – has gone before!

Star Trek fans might not be recognized as the most romantic sorts, but they need love just as much as anyone else, which is why online dating site 'Trek Dating' has slid open its hydraulic doors.

The site is dedicated to ending Trekkies' searches through deep space by connecting like-minded fans, exclusively allowing Trekkies to use the site.

If I were single and into online dating, I might take the advantages of this website. Never would've used a dating service (or ever needed one) but I can see meeting my wife through something like that.

You don't have to worry about your You and me on a date - make it so.

When we realized there wasn’t a date centered around it we had to get going! Show your spouse that you have put effort into this one by inviting them to join you!

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