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The people you’re connected to on Twitter expect different things than those you’re connected to on Facebook (even if most of them are the same group of people).

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Twitter has made it deceptively easy to connect your Twitter account to your Facebook account, but don’t be fooled. Twitter and Facebook are two distinct networks with two distinct sets of etiquette and norms.

Posting all of your tweets to your Facebook wall may sound like a good idea at first (I can keep my friends updated on going on in my life!

However, Tweets are not being posted to the Facebook account, and every time I visit the App Settings page in Twitter, I find that the Facebook account is disconnected.

I tried to disconnect both Facebook and Twitter, clear cache, restart browser and try reconnecting again (as mentioned in Twitter Help Center), but it is still not working.

I checked and the page is still linked to the Twitter account.

If you have connected your Twitter and Facebook accounts but your Facebook friends can't see your Tweets on your wall, you may need to update your privacy settings for Twitter for Facebook.

It is only being difficult when it comes to actual PAGES (I have tried it with a few other pages and still no dice). I cannot find a program that will link them without changing the tweets (Well, haven't so far).

I did email Twitter for support, though, and if they answer back with anything for me, I will let you know what the answer is, but I am sure they are going to send some automated message on how to set the stuff up toge I'm having the exact same problem - goes through the approval process fine, but nothing appears on the page. I tried different accounts and browsers, as well as a few tricks, same result.

Now that you know how, here’s why you shouldn’t auto-tweet to your Facebook profile.

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