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The judge sentenced him to an additional four to five years in prison, separate from his existing life sentence.

Fabricut will host Decorating and Living French with French General and transport guests to the French countryside with its latest collection, French General.

Experience the inspiration behind this authentic, French-inspired collection from Kaari Meng, founder of French General.

Hmmm, wonder if she’ll be the next endangered woman in the movie?

The cellist, Elizabeth, played by Scottish actor Louise Linton (also a producer of the film) sounds pretty good to the untutored ear, but soon along comes Vincent, a conductor or tutor or something—his professional function in the character’s life is never made entirely clear—to tell her “I always thought your little hands were too small for Dvořák.” Sick burn.

Following the keynotes, each day of market will be packed with product introductions, book signings and panel discussions.

Here’s a sneak peek at day one, Wednesday, March 20’s events line-up: At a.m.

And, in a little while, unseen by the woman, an out-of-focus figure comes up from behind, wraps a white plastic bag over her head (for that time-proven “Scream” ghostface effect) and asphyxiates the woman until she’s dead.

So, having established that there’s a murdering intruder on the loose, the film shifts to an attractive young woman playing a cello.

Vincent is played by Moby, of all people, and he’s actually pretty good—his condescension soon morphs into outright hostility, and voilà, we now have Suspect Number One.

Elizabeth drives home and sees a neighbor leaving her apartment house for the weekend; they both spy a creepy-looking dude with a goatee skulking about in the rain for no good reason: Suspect Number Two.

The death of Hernandez, 27, comes just days after he was acquitted in a separate murder case.

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