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During the course of the dispute, one employee asked the supervisor to call and "let her know how she was doing," HR Cafe reports.The result was a 90-minute conversation between the worker and the supervisor discussing a mix of personal and work-related issues.

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“And I could see what it was doing to the workers.”Seeing coworkers in tears after being disciplined became more commonplace.

It wasn’t long before Murray found herself getting chastised by management. This is intimidation.’”Murray was shocked at her treatment, saying she had always followed directions and was on time.

Store managers aren’t required to explain the new policies to workers — and many apparently are not — which means employees don’t always know about them.

Moreover, since Walmart put its workers’ handbooks online, it’s difficult for workers to keep up with new policy changes that benefit them.“There’s a lot of people who don’t know that [these changes] exist,” said Murray, who four years ago was one of the initiators of OUR Walmart, an organization of Walmart employees demanding respect in their workplace.“We need to educate them,” she said.

Should you get paid for talking to your boss on the phone after hours?

Yes, according to a federal appeals courts, which recently upheld the dismissal of a supervisor employed at a Walmart store in Minnesota who was fired for violating company policy that prohibits off-the-clock work.

In its decision, the court also noted that the company was right to pay the employee for talking with her supervisor while she was off the clock.

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